John - The Psychic Profiler

About John

John has a long established history in wica and other aspects of the occult. Initiated into Alex Sanders coven in the early seventies and more recently a Gardnerian coven. He has officiated at both large and small gatherings, initiated new and developing practitioners and has given numerous talks throughout the UK and Europe.

John's work as a psychic profiler is as varied as the many aspects of the occult and ranges from diagnosing causes of psychic disturbance, banishing malevolent manifestations, time-lining events involving crime and disappearances and profiling people who are directly or indirectly involved.

As a gifted psychic he offers readings using his unique time-line projecting method.

John has a worldwide clientele.


Psychic Profiling

Do you need to find someone who is missing or had an involvement in a criminal act

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Psychic Readings

Do you have issues in your life that require some help with guidance and insight

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Exorcism and Banishing

Do you have problems with Psychic disturbance or Malevolent manifestation

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